For a manufacturing company the most vital part of the business is represented by production equipment and by a smooth functioning of the production unit. This is the reason why equipment need to be constantly maintained in good working conditions.

"Customized solution for each customer"

All activities of Chorus Engineering's After Sale department are designed and organized according to the concept of "customer satisfaction" and this means sharing the client's objectives and the ability to proactively offer ideas for improvement of the production.

To enable the customer to get the maximum return on investment (ROI) in machinery and equipment acquired, the After Sale department of Chorus Engineering has developed a process for the After Sale and a Package of integrated after-sale services designed in accordance with the principle of the "Production LifeCycle Management".

In this perspective, the staff of the After Sale takes care of the customer from the very beginning of the equipment supply following the whole lifecycle: from installation to maintenance, to the solution of technical problems that prevent the optimal functioning. The customer is followed and supported so that the use of the equipment acquired, steadily over time, keeps on genereting the best results

careful maintenance of the equipment and preventive and periodic inspections allow to agree with the customer the action to minimize the decline of the equipment and mantain a high levelo of performance in time, focussed on:

- production efficiency

- operational flexibility

- quality performance

- energy saving

- minimization of the cost

- equipement availability

According to the concept of "Poduct LifeCycle Management" Chorus Engineering has developed a range of After Sale personalized solution for:

- Planning

- Maintaining

- Solving

- Upgrading

enabling the customer to have the equipment always available for the production.

Within the personalized solution Chorus Engineering After Sale Team will provide service activity for installation,relocation of equipment, start up and training for operators along with several other services to prevent and solve operational problems: from the service intervention on demand up to preventive periodic inspections aimed to verify the working condition of the equipment and to implement necessary measures to keep a high production efficiency, responding to quality and productivity standards.

Chorus Engineering After Sale department is also providing original spare parts and retrofit as well as new short list and second-hand machines for the plastic processing industry.