Scheduled maintenance

"Periodic maintenance means to maintain the production"


A periodic maintainance is an programmed intervention on the equipment aimed to prevent sudden stops that slow down  productivity and cost money to the customer.

It means to check and assure a correct functionality of the machine as well as performances and quality and avoid possibility of break downs.

Periodic maintainance is carried out in the frame of a contract of programmed intervention

Chorus Enginering Customer Service offers three tipe of programmed maintainance according to the time the equipment is working during the year:

- 1800 hours - once in a year

- 3600 hours - twice in a year

- 5400 hours - three time in a year

but also in accordance with the kind of production carried out.

Each programm includes:

- Periodic visit of one service engineer of Chorus Engineering for a check-up of the machine

- Detailed report on the status of the machine, possible anomalies and suggested intervention

- Substitution of weared parts in order to bring back the machine to full operativity and avoid/minimize break downs during the interval of periodic maintainance.


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