• 1997

    Opening of the Bucharest-based office

    Boosting a twenty-year experience in the field of consultancy and industrial representation, Mr Benelli and Mrs Codecà, founded the company Chorus Engineering in Romania with an office based in Bucarest. Since the beginning the activity was very dynamic. In that year, the first prestigious project was the modernization of the factory of refrigerators Arctic in Gaesti. A team of designers and engineers, coordinated by Chorus Engineering,  delivered not only the design for a new modular range of household refrigerators, but also the industrial consultancy along with an efficient assistance to the customer for the revamping of the production unit.

  • 1998

    Dealer and Trader of Plastic processing equipement

    Gradually Chorus Engineering consolidate and deepen the knowkedge of the Romanian market, which was highligtening the need for a major restructuring of the companies operating in the filed of plastic processing. In order to answer to this need and also supported by the demand of italian manufacturers of equipment for plastics processing, Chorus Engineering starts operating as agent and dealer in this sector.

  • 1999

    Collaboration with Fava: Pasta producing equipment

    A ten-year experience of Mr Benelli in the milling industry and in pasta lines, together with a deep knowledge of this sector in the romanian market, sets the begining of the collaboration with italian suppliers equipement for the milling industry and as well with Fava SpA, world leader in equipment for the production of pasta.

  • 2001

    Recycling and regranulation: Erema

    With and attentive eye on the trends and needs of the international industry of plastics, Chours Engineering understands that is now the time to start working in the fieled of recycling. It is in 2001 that begins a long-lasting relationship with Erema Ges.m.b.H. the austrian world leader producer of equipment for plastics recycling.

  • 2003

    Injection Moulding Machines & peripherical equipment

    Following the changes of the market and the customer needs in the field of plastic injection, Chorus Engineering switches to German suppliers. The peak partner is Demag GmbH, which later on, with the taking over of the japanese Sumitomo, will become Sumitomo SHI Demag, world leader in injection moulding machines. Plastor S.A. Oradea purchaises 3 Hydraulic IMM Demag Ergotech System for the production of sky boots for Salomon.

    The products portfolio enlarges, including Chillers and Temperature controllors of Frigel, a new partnership confirmed by a first sale to the company Mobil Plast in Iasi.

  • 2004

    After Sales Department and Plastic sector development

    This year sets the opening of the After Sales Department with one service engineer dedicated to Demag injection moulding machines.

    The international market becomes always more automatized. In Romania the cost of labour is still low and investments in automation seems not to be justified, but the nascent Romanian Auto industry demands pieces of high aesthetic quality and shorter cycle time. With a pioneer attitude, Chorus Engineering starts to deal IMM equipped with handling systems.

    In the same year starts the collaboration with Macchi, world leader in blow estrusion line and the first sale to the company Plastinvests.



  • 2005

    Enlarging the business, increasing visibility

    The be present on the web is now a must. With the aim, not only to increase visibility but also to remain in costant contact with customers, by informing on business development and updates, Chorus Engineering creates the first version of its website, with sections dedicated to its partners.

    The use of PET bottle is widely spreaded also in Romania and Chorus Engineering starts collaboration with Siapi, italian producer of linear PET blowing machines.

  • 2006

    Strategic Repositioning

    Chorus Engineering feels the necessity to reinvent its approach to the market and strategically reposition itself with a more effective client-oriented attitude.  The new way of presenting itself and iteracting with the client is reinforced by the pay off "Building the future together".

    In order to answer and give continuity to the policy of quality implemented by suppliers on one side and most of customers on the other side, Chorus Engineering, well in advance on competition, starts the procedure for the ISO certification and implements a system of quality management.



  • 2008

    Handling by Sepro

    In Injection sector beginns the cooperation with Sepro Robotique, leader in swystem for manipulatin and automation of injection moulding machine.

    Sale of the first centralized cooling system of Frigel to the company Valplast in Bucarest

    In Food sector important results are achieved with the modernization of the company Spicul Bucuresti who purchaises from Fava a complete pasta producing plant based of one short-cut pasta line and one nidi producing line along with the packaging and boxing equipment.


  • 2009

    The After Sale is now Business Unit

    The After Sale is identified as Business Unit with a coordinator and a back office dedicated to customer care and spare parts and with further service engineers in the west and east part of the romanian territory.

    A first sale of Sepro Robotique is realized with the customer Dedienne Romania.

    Begins the collaboration with Elba producer of welding line for the production of shopper and plastic bags and a first purchaise by the company Marsal SA.





  • 2011

    Cooperation with Uniloy Milacron

    Begins the collaboration with Uniloy Milacron Italy leder in the production of blow moulding machine for the productin of hollow parts for automotive as well as bottle and containers for industrial pacakging.

    The cooperation is welcome with the purchaise by ELJ Automotive of one Uniloy Milacron UMA 25, the first machine in romania using the parison suction process, along with 2 UMA 50: all these equipment are applied in the production of 3D air ducts for Dacia Reanult.


  • 2013

    Collaboration with Labotek

    Begins the collaboration with Labotek S/A danish leader producer of feeding and conveying system and dosing equipment for granules and powder in plastic processing.