The Packaging Specialists

The Packaging Specialists

Systec SP & El-Exis SP - Perfect Machines when Speed is of the Essence!

See for yourself how you can boost your productivity and production quality!
Let us show you how you can make your production more efficient, significantly reduce total operating costs and at the same time save energy and resources!





Systec SP 280 - 1450

Application: 1L bucket

  • - Packaging machine for highly efficient thick-walled packaging production for cycle times between 4s-12s
  • - High injection dynamics and speeds of up to 500mm/s
  • - Superb precision and repeatability
  • - Excellent robustness and high availability
  • - High flexibility with frequently changing products
  • - Perfect price-performance ratio
  • - Energy-efficient hybrid drive system


El-Exis SP 420 - 3000

Application: 29/25 mm cap with injection-moulded tamper band


  • - High-end packaging machine designed for cycle times below 7s
  • - Extremely high injection dynamics and injection speeds of up to 1,000mm/s guarantee shortest mould filling times
  • - Longevity, highest availability and ease of maintenance facilitate large production volumes
  • - Extremely sturdy mould plates make for optimum product quality and reduced mould wear
  • - Highly precise and responsive mould protection mechanism shields the mould when producing extremely thin-walled parts
  • - Energy-efficient hybrid drive system