UMIB 100 EnergiaZero™: Next generation of all-electric injection blow molding

UMIB 100 EnergiaZero™: Next generation of all-electric injection blow molding

UNILOY MILACRON are proud to exhibit two exiting new innovative all-electric machine: UMIB 100 EnergiaZeroTM: The next generation of all-electric injection blow molding and UMS 20E.S: an all-electric single sided 20 tons shuttle blow molding machine

Three years ago the Uniloy Milacron stand was the scene for the “world première” of the revolutionary UMA 12 SeCo2 EnergiaZero™ (the first all-electric parison suction technology with sequential co-extrusion in the world). It is now the turn of the UMIB 100 EnergiaZero™ – a brand new model of all-electric injection blow molding machine – that will be exhibited with a 12-cavity mold producing 50 ml containers in HDPE.

Injection blow molding is the technology of choice for the production of containers from a few millilitres up to one litre with a precise neck finish, high dimensional accuracy, good aesthetics, and no flash. These characteristics make injection blow molding the ideal technology for the production of cosmetic and pharmaceutical containers.

New design to become the market leader.

The new UMIB 100EnergiaZero™ has been completely redesigned with the aim of optimising the clamp area. The movement of the clamp mechanism has been simplified utilising one servomotor for each clamp (injection and blow). For that reason, the new design offers better accessibility and easier maintenance.

In other respects the machine design is loyal to the tried and tested Uniloy Milacron concept – that all mechanical parts are located below the clamp area, so that neither particles nor lubricants can reach the molds by gravity and contaminate the moulding area. This concept also makes it simpler to install laminar flow devices, for applications where the mold area must be air conditioned to comply with stringent cleanliness specifications.

With a total clamp force of 100 metric tons, a trigger bar length of 686 mm, and an opening stroke of 152 mm, this new model exceeds the capabilities of the existing hybrid model UMIB 85H in the Uniloy Milacron portfolio. In spite of the common understanding that the all-electric technologies are significantly more expensive than traditional ones, the price of the new UMIB 100 EnergiaZero™ is highly competitive with the UMIB 85H.


The EnergiaZero™ concept: minimum power consumption and other advantages.

It is well known that the elimination of hydraulic pumps results in a significant reduction in power consumption. However in addition to this, the servomotors installed in the UMIB 100 EnergiaZero™ can convert the kinetic energy of the clamp movement into electric power – like some advanced hybrid cars, or the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) of Formula 1 racing cars.

Precise control of servomotors also makes partial openings of the clamp possible : if the item to be produced does not require the full clamp opening for the rotation of the cores rods, the clamp stroke can be limited to an intermediate position – to save cycle time and energy.

Also worthy of note is the extremely low noise level achieved by the UMIB 100 EnergiaZero™: another strong “plus” when injection blow molding technology is housed in “clean rooms” for the production of pharmaceuticals containers.


Easy to run: the new operator interface.

The UMIB 100 EnergiaZero™ is equipped with a new 17” touch-screen interface and advanced software for visualisation. The wide screen surface, the extensive use of icons instead of descriptions, and a navigation concept inspired by modern smartphones make the dialogue between the operator and the machine easy and intuitive.

Diagnostics tools have been improved for simpler and quicker identification of faults: clear messages provide the operator with complete information if anything changing parameters, resulting in immediate trouble-shooting with no need to consult manuals or schematics.


Technical Details: UMIB 100 EnergiaZero™


·         Clamp force injection                  80 tons

·         Clamp force blowing                   22 tons

·         Max. die set length                      775 mm

·         Max. die set width                       460 mm

·         Trigger bar length                         686 mm

·         Mould stack height                      254 mm

·         Opening stroke                            150 mm

·         Injector diameter                         60 mm

·         Injector L/D ratio                         23

·         Max. shot size                              584 cm³

·         Max. plasticising rate                   45 g/s





Uniloy Milacron Germany / B&W added a new model to its all-electric machine line - the UMS 20E.S –The machine is fitted with the proven totally open and accessible clamp system fitted with a direct actuator drive transferring the force simultaneously via two rugged, deflection-free swivel joint arms onto both mould platens right into the centre of the pinch-off areas. Once the mould is closed no power is used.


During the show the machine will be producing 12 l stackable UN containers including a view stripe with a single cavity mould. In order to achieve the highest product quality at the shortest cycle time with minimized use of resin and energy, the machine is fitted with an integrated post cooling station, guaranteed flash separation including the handle flash, PWDS system and closed-loop controls for all machine movements.


Power consumption will be measured during machine running times and will be displayed on the B&R machine controller. A power saving of 30 – 40 % in comparison to hydraulic machines is expected and absolutely realistic based on measurements of existing all-electric machines made by Uniloy Milacron Germany / B&W machines.


The general machine footprint is very compact due to the integrated control cabinet underneath the extruder. Access to all machine areas is easy and safe for the operators.

Additional accessories such as a Delta quality center including leak testing and weight control as well as an Eisbär blow air cooling system are part of the full line set-up.


Technical details: UMS 20E.S


  • Mould length, max.    470 / * 520 mm
  • Mould width, max.    660 mm
  • Mould depth, max.    2 x 130 mm
  • Adapter plates                       2 x 30 mm
  • Daylight opening       320 mm
  • Clamp force               200 kN


* mould protruding by 50 mm


Milacron LLC is a leading manufacturer of plastic processing technologies. Besides Uniloy Milacron Germany and its sister companies in Italy and the USA, Ferromatik (injection moulding machines), Cincinnati (extrusion), DME (mould technologies), Mold Masters (hot runners) and Cimcool (metal working fluids technologies) are united under the umbrella of Milacron LLC.