"Green Revolution is fine, but let's see how results into practice”

This is what states Frigel, a company specialized in cooling systems able to reduce up to 90% energy costs of industrial processes, thus due to reduction in the use of water and electricity. Frigel know it well: environmental protection, to break through, must rhyme with savings.

South America, with a marketshare of 27% in sales, ranks among the most attractive markets for the company based in Scandicci, near Florence (Italy), which in 2013 saw its sales raise from 22 up to 30 Millions of euro and in 2014 expects to reach a new sales record of over 36 million euro of systems sold and over 85% of export sales.

Three years ago, to meet the growing demand of the United States, Frigel decided to build a plant in East Dundee, outside of Chicago and in the last two years, the company has opened new branches in Thailand for the Asia-Pacific market and in Brazil for the coordination of the South American markets. Also in the United States, from Illinois to be precise, Frigel received the "P-2 Award," which recognizes companies that have achieved important results in environmental protection combined with economic development. Frigel was rewarded for its Ecodry System, a cooling system, now present all over the world, able to reduce the consumption of water and energy up to 95%.
Since this new system was launched on the market, sales of Frigel increased by 30% annually. It 'clear that, in addition to the lower environmental impact, success is largely due to the increase of productivity, the reduction of waste, resulting intro reduction of costs.

This technology is widlly present at companies such as Baxter, Pepsico, General Electric, Electrolux, Nissan, Ricoh, Sorin, Tetrapak, Tyco, Toshiba, Unilever, Valeo, which are using Frigel's cooling systems in their production processes.
From automotive to biomedical, from the electronics industry to the packaging for the beverage industry, there are many processes that require an efficient cooling system and for which Frigel is able to offer not only cutting-edge systems, but also the ability to make these same processes strongly competitive.